Conference Keynotes
& Breakout Sessions

SWOT's the Future of School Meals?
Using "Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats"
Analysis to Move Your Child Nutrition Program Forward!

These sessions are designed to deliver excitement and learning, insight and fun to your next state association conference or group meeting. 

Depending on your needs and audience, any of these sessions can be a keynote presentation, especially for a directors' meeting with a specific focus.  But we've noted several motivational and inspiring sessions that are particularly suitable for a 45-90 minute conference keynote for mixed groups of administrators, employees, state office folks, and other conference attendees.

John can do several sessions in one day -- for instance, a keynote address and two breakouts -- or sessions spread out over several days.  We're completely flexible concerning session lengths and scheduling, so please let us help you make your next conference or meeting a rousing success! 

Please click on the session name below for a fuller description.

KEYNOTES (great for a general session or keynote speech to a mixed group -- please note that many other sessions can be presented as keynotes, as well)

Turning Service Into Sales!
45-90 Minute Version of the Employee Seminar on "Finding Your Place in the School Meals Marketing Picture, Tailored to Entertain and Enlighten a Mixed Audience at a General Session.  This "conference" version is shorter, but still includes all the jokes and fun (and prizes!) -- it's ideal for all the attendees at a state conference.

Seize the Market!  
Want to Know Success in Your Child Nutrition Programs?  Then Know Your Targets. Know Your Strengths.  And Know that Good Public Relations Is Everyone's Business!

Are You Nasty or Awesome? 
45-90 Minute Version of the Employee Seminar on "What Kids Think of Us and Why We Should Care," Tailored to Entertain and Enlighten a Mixed Audience at a General Session.

Kids Are Talking!
60-90 Minute Version of the Employee Seminar on "Listening Skills to Keep Your Customers -- and Yourself -- Smiling" Tailored to Entertain and Enlighten a Mixed Audience at a General Session.


Talk the Talk: Reputation Management For Child Nutrition Programs 
Communication Strategies to Help Position Your Child Nutrition Program for Success in the 21st Century's Marketplace of Ideas

Your Image is Always Showing
Creating a Consistent and Effective Identity Campaign for Your Child Nutrition Program

Public Relations Crisis Management for Child Nutrition Programs

Don’t Waste Your 15 Minutes of Fame!
Practical Presenting Tips for Child Nutrition Professionals

If You Build It Up, They Will Come
Strategies for Designing, Promoting, and Managing Press Events Guaranteed to Bring You Lots of Positive (and Free!) Publicity

Every Week is School Lunch Week!
Nine Strategies to Help You Consistently Generate Good Publicity for Your Programs Throughout the Year


The Bozeman Project
Using Market Research to Turn a Struggling High School Cafeteria Into a Campus Hot Spot

Survey Says!
Understanding Basic Market Research Techniques and Using Them to Appeal to All of Your Customers More Effectively

The Most Important Meal of the Day? 
Learn How to Gain or Solidify Support for Your Breakfast Program with Insights from Our Ground-Breaking Research Study of Attitudes Toward School Breakfast Among Board Members, Superintendents, Principals, and Teachers


Marketing and Customer Service Techniques to Help Your Customers Make the Right Choices!

Marketing Wellness, Bite by Bite
Taking the Lead on the Wellness Initiative in Your District Can Pay Off Big in Increased Respect for Your Program

What They Don't Know Can Hurt Them
Making the Connection Between Kids' Nutrition Knowledge and Eating Behaviors

Selling Nutrition, Teaching Lunch
Marketing Good Nutrition in the Classroom -- and the Lunchroom

Menu Marketing Magic -- in Print and on the Web
Techniques For Turning Your School Meals Menu Into An Incredible Sales Machine – On Paper And On-line!

I'm Glad There's No Cafeteria in MY School!
Inspiring Tales of Exciting Cafeteria Transformations!

Finding the Keepers
Creative Marketing Strategies For Attracting Good Employees to Staff Your Child Nutrition Operations – and Keeping Them Once They're on Board