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My basic speaking fee for school districts, association meetings, state meetings, and conferences is $3995 for the day, for total presentation time of up to 4 hours, not including breaks (unless other arrangements are made regarding total time).  A second consecutive day for the same district or group in the same location is $1495.  A third consecutive day is $995.  I can also do separate morning and afternoon sessions for two districts or groups that are VERY close together at a discounted rate.


Menu Magic subscribers automatically receive a $1000 discount on employee training and a 10% discount on any association or directors' training that they book.  Other discounts may apply, too.  Please go here to see our current special offers.


Unless other arrangements are made, travel expenses are additional.  We often give districts and other groups a flat rate, including all expenses, so that you don't have to pay a separate expense invoice.  We'd be happy to quote you a flat rate inclusive of expenses; please call or e-mail.


We ask for a 50% deposit on the total speaking fee, payable 30 days from the time an agreement is made for me to speak, with the balance due at the time of the presentation.  If your district or group does not allow advance payment, we're happy to work with you to accommodate your situation with different terms.


When we book a summer date in a particular state, we often offer a discounted flat rate, all expenses included, to other districts in the region that book us around the same time.  You may have received an email with that offer -- if not, feel free to ask if such special pricing might not apply to your district or group of districts.


In fact, feel free to contact us about other discounts or fee arrangements.  These prices are fairly firm, but we will certainly listen to creative offers or incentives for other arrangements.  Don't be afraid to ask -- if we have to stick to the above prices, we'll just tell you so, but we promise to be polite!