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Earn a Bonus for Referring
New Subscribers to Menu Magic

Click here to save an email message about Menu Magic that you can forward to your colleagues.


Our best advertisement is a satisfied subscriber.  And once we get a subscriber, we usually keep 'em -- about 90% of our subscribers renew every year.

The challenge is to get folks to give us a try.  That's where you can help us -- and earn yourself and/or your district a nice little bonus in the bargain.

Just tell your colleagues about Menu Magic and point them to to check us out.  Or send them the email that you can link to from this page.  If they decide to subscribe, they can put you down as the person who referred them in the space we provide on the new subscriber form.

For the first district you refer, you'll earn $25.  Then the per-referral bonus goes up $25 for every additional new subscriber you refer.  So your second referral gets you an additional $50 for $75 total, your third adds another $75 to your total, your fourth (and every other subscriber you add beyond 4) earns you an extra $100.  So if you refer 3 new subscribers, you get $150 . . . 4 new subscribers, $250 . . . and an additional $100 for every new subscriber past 4.  We'll send you (personally or your district) a check, or credit your subscription account for next year, your choice.  Bonuses will be tallied at the beginning of the ensuing subscription year (so if you refer someone for this year, you will get your credit/bonus at the beginning of the next year's subscription cycle), and you must be a subscriber for the new year to receive the bonus.

Your colleague gets a sweet deal, too, because the first-time promotional subscription rate is just $199 for the year.  They get to try Menu Magic for 60% off the regular rate.  And you earn a bonus just for telling your friends about a product you love! 

Click here to save an email message about Menu Magic that you can forward to your colleagues.