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Here’s a copy of a promotional email sent out by Menu Magic, the program we use to make our menus. Just click on the link in the email if you want to know more, or just go to




Dear Child Nutrition Professional:

Menu Magic is America’s only menu design and clipart service created each month specifically for Child Nutrition Programs. We make it easy for you to professionally promote your products and your program!

We’re offering an incredible discount to get you to try Menu Magic for the 2017-2018 school year -- just $199 for a whole year of professional menu design, marketing, and PR magic for your program!  And our monthly Wellness Newsletter for your students and families is also included for free!

500 of your colleagues in nearly every state have been tapping the marketing power of Menu Magic for almost 20 years. Shouldn’t this be the year that YOU lighten your own load by taking advantage of this incredible one-of-a-kind service?

Please go to or call Jennifer or John toll-free at 877-739-1577 (or email to learn more and sign up today!

John Bennett
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