Secondary Menu Templates

Each month's Secondary menus feature colorful graphics, nutrition and wellness info, information about your offerings, interesting stuff for teens, and GREAT PR FOR YOUR PROGRAM!

We send you a monthly link to download the menu template files in Microsoft Publisher format. 

You just open the file and enter or paste in your menu items.

The colorful, edge-to-edge background graphics make your menus look fabulous as pdf files on your web site.

We'll even make the pdf's of your finished menus for you, or create and maintain a menu web page for you -- free of charge!

If you print your menus, just delete the background and they look great printed!


Click here to see the full 2-page menu as it will look on your WEB SITE or your customer's phone as a pdf file

(the 2-page pdf's will open in a separate tab)


Colorful backgrounds for posting . . . . . . . . . . . . . are easy to delete for printing