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If you decided to use us for printing, your Menu Magic subscription would be free, a savings of up to $595 for the year (if you've already paid for this year, we would deduct that cost from your first month's printing). 

You would do your menu like you do now, and then send it via email to us.  We would "tweak" your menu free of charge (e.g., proof for spellings and alignment of graphics, making text fit in boxes better, enhance colors, create unlimited custom graphics for special situations as you require, etc.)

After we tweak the menu, we will send you a .pdf proof for revisions and approval, which you could forward to your tech department to post on your district's web site OR we would post it for you for free on our dedicated menu-posting site, 

If we posted your menu, we would give you a link to give your tech people to add to your web site; they would only have to add the link once, and thereafter we would update the menus, but the link would remain the same).  This would be a "blind" link -- the end user would not know that they had left your site and would not be able to see any of the other menus we post for districts around the country.  The .pdf format is great for end-users, because they can zoom in and out on the page right on the computer screen, and they can print the file and it will look exactly like the menu you've created.

For a small additional amount each month, we will create your menu for you completely -- you'd just send us your menu items for the month, and we'd do everything else, after consulting with you about clipart choices.